Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Perplexing Truth Behind the Legend of Librarians

The Perplexing Truth Behind the Legend of the LibrarianCindy and I are on a mission to dispute the myths and legends of librarians and libraries. When people think of librarians, it is amazing that individuals still envision the stereotypical librarian of yesteryear. I know what you are thinking: the bun, the spectacles and the sensible shoes. No more my friends, the librarians of this millennium are different. We are asking that you submit a picture of you working in your library debunking the image what people think of librarians. Go ahead - show us what you are made of! Please post your pictures on our tumblr!


  1. Hi,

    Several years ago in the public library where I worked at the time, we did a huge Mythbusters display and highlighted lots of interesting information about the people in our teams that our customers would have not suspected! From the woman in the Children's department who had once danced in clubs where the rolling stones performed in the early 60's to a branch manager who spoke Swahili and had worked as a safari guide in Africa and much more.! We learned a lot about each other too.! Lisa

  2. Neat display idea. Thanks for sharing.