Thursday, May 17, 2012

Myth #2 - What? Librarians need computers?

Thursday, we sent out a survey asking if your school provides a computer and how you use it. We also wanted to get a glimpse of what PLN tools you use. I think the results will surprise you. Some of you were were shocked that a technology director would not know that librarians need computers. Believe me, Cindy and I were taken back, but we have worked hard to inform him. Take a look at the survey results:

We asked what you would say if your technology director asked you to justify a laptop to use all year?  Here are some of the responses.....

"Seriously? ;)"

"I am as much an educator/teacher as anyone else in the district. In addition, much of the research I do to support curriculum and develop my collection is online. I teach online research skills; I need to be able to use the laptop to develop my own curriculum for my own information literacy lessons."

"I am sure that I would get a shocked and amazed look on my face. Then I would smile really big and say something like the following (in the friendliest tone of voice I could muster,) "I know librarians back in the forties didn't need computers but these days, I use my desktop computer with circulation desk software constantly..." Then I would just keep talking about technology and how I use it in a really gushy friendly tone of voice. I would also say, "you know, in library grad school we were given lots of technology training- and I think it has been that way in the U.S. for more than 20 years now."

"Libraries are virtual necessitating portable online access for instruction, for maintenance of the collection, for timely updates to library information."

"What, are you kidding! I use my school-issued laptop to create lessons, create SmartBoard slideshows, work on my inventories, add books to the collection through Destiny, and help teachers find resources appropriate to the common core!"

"Dear Director,
Do YOU need a laptop?  Do YOU need a phone? Do YOU communicate with teachers and administrators?  DO YOU TEACH KIDS?"

"I'd stop right in my tracks & ask  how I would teach research skills, information/cyber safety, use the Smartboard, book trailers, ebooks, streaming video, author videos, etc without computers. Oh, and how about searching the  library's database for books, & websites?  How would students create 21st century reports.  I use all my computers in the library every day. Next year, my principal is putting a computer lab in the library for project-based learning & the tech asst. will be stationed with me."

We had close to two hundred responses to this survey, we really appreciate your time!  We are trying to build up our blog following,  if you wouldn't mind, follow us!

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  1. Before said laptop was issued, I used to lug around a desktop, moving it from a student work station to the LCD projector connection to demonstrate how to access the OPAC, use online databases, evaluate websites, etc.
    Inventory time meant loading the desktop on a cart, digging out our LOOOONG ethernet cable, and warning students not to trip.
    I'm very grateful to the Campus Technology Coordinator who helped me secure my first laptop and for installing an airport in the library.

    On the flip side, having my laptop means that my work follows me around... In the past I did not work at home, during annual conference, or over the summer.