Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Using Padlet in and out of the Library

Using Padlet in and out of the Library

Okay fellow bloggers, help me out here.  I happened upon this gem called Padlet, formally known as wallwisher.  What is that you ask?  

I love that not only can you post ideas, but also you can post documents, slide shows, and videos!  I was able to get an account with my Google account - so it took a mere 4 seconds to sign in.  Then, I was given an option for an icon and backgrounds.  See below....

You are able to choose between a streaming list of responses or a free form list of responses.

Padlet allows you to easily embed your wall within seconds.  I am thrilled to see this new updated version and I hope you will take the time to add to the wall below.  I see numerous ways that this can be used in the library and within subject areas like ELA, Science and Humanities.  So go ahead and share your ideas with us all!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Connected Teacher and Librarian - Web 2.0 tools to stay connected

I saw this on twitter today and love it.  This visual is a great way for a new teacher or librarian to see what tools they can use to stay connected.  Thank you Kimberly Martin for sharing!  Make sure to scroll over this ThingLink resource to find the resources.

Also,  take a look at this end of the year portfolio a teacher created by Lisa Maples.....

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cracking Code - Don't miss this discussion!

Cracking Code Twitter Discussion:

If you are interested in using code in the classroom, there is a twitter discussion that will be looking at how to use coding in schools.  Don't miss it!