Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Using Padlet in and out of the Library

Using Padlet in and out of the Library

Okay fellow bloggers, help me out here.  I happened upon this gem called Padlet, formally known as wallwisher.  What is that you ask?  

I love that not only can you post ideas, but also you can post documents, slide shows, and videos!  I was able to get an account with my Google account - so it took a mere 4 seconds to sign in.  Then, I was given an option for an icon and backgrounds.  See below....

You are able to choose between a streaming list of responses or a free form list of responses.

Padlet allows you to easily embed your wall within seconds.  I am thrilled to see this new updated version and I hope you will take the time to add to the wall below.  I see numerous ways that this can be used in the library and within subject areas like ELA, Science and Humanities.  So go ahead and share your ideas with us all!

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  1. Thanks for writing about Padlet, Ann. Would love to hear from you how we can make things better.