Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Myth #1 - Libraries are ONLY about Books

Earlier this week, we sent out a survey asking what comes to mind when you hear the word "Librarian". Take a look at the Wordles Ann created from the responses we received:

The general public DOES think of BOOKS when they think of librarians.... 75% of all responses included the words book or books.

But look at what LIBRARIANS think of:

Books are definitely a major part of our job, but so are students, information, teachers, and technology. Only 30.1% of librarian responses contained the words book or books. Almost the same number, 28.5% included the words teach, teaches, or teaching.

It was suggested that answers be kept to one word, but very few people could do that. Answers were typically 2-3 word phrases. Some of our favorite answers included:

They take care of a libraries. The like to read books. They are kind.
---It is my dream that every student, and teacher, encounter a librarian who fits this description.

collaboration technology programming
--- Look, ma! No books... but such essential tasks.

Helps you find books. Helps you find information (in books, in databases, or online). Helps with technology questions.
--- We are the go-to people. Does everyone at your school know this?

We want to hear from you... We know that great things are being done... Let's spread the word...
What you are doing to help bust the myth that libraries are only a place to check out books?

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