Friday, March 9, 2012

If you Give a Librarian a Blog Post....

Have you heard of this one?

Following the link on a blog post by Library Girl I landed here:

...but I didn't know what to do next... Instead of sorting out Symbaloo, I clicked on! (top left), because I had heard of it but not yet tried it.

Looking at the! homepage, I was full of questions. Last weekend, I found ISSUU, another online magazine, and I haven't created anything there yet.  (Instead, I shared ISSUU with Ann, and she has already drafted the majority of our annual report!)  So I wondered, what is the difference between these two online magazines. Their purpose? Target audiences? Use in the library/classroom?

So I Googled: "! and ISSUU", and I found this online module:
I watched both introductory youtube videos, and thought about what I could publish.

Which reminded me that I need to work on the online modules I wanted to make for the teachers and students in my district.....

In looking at my list of module ideas, I realized I was overdue in updating and sharing our database passwords...

Which made me wonder how other schools handle the million passwords we have to manage and promote?????????  And if Symbaloo could somehow help...

I'm starting to feel like a mouse who was just given a cookie.

I would love to hear your thoughts and uses of all these tools.

And watch for updates on my public learning trail...


  1. Nice blog. As a librarian you might be interested in the word play involved in cryptic crosswords. I am doing a series of posts on solving cryptic clues. This was the first one I did. Hope you enjoy.

  2. Thanks for the invite Carole. You have quite a knack for solving cryptic crosswords. Do you ever write your own puzzles?