Wednesday, March 21, 2012

iPads in every student’s hands

Transforming Learning

I attended the Transforming Learning Conference that McAllen I.S.D. hosted this last Tuesday, on the 20th of March.  Dr. James Ponce,  Bill Rankin, Marco Torres, and John Crouch discussed the fact that the McAllen school district will put an iPod Touch or iPad in every student's hand.  I was impressed with how forward thinking all these men are and how they plan on transforming the learning in McAllen.  I am going to list all my tweets since I think they sum of my thoughts for the first part of the day.

 conference first comments- TURN YOUR PHONE ON :)
 Ponce says-not about device- it is about the kids
 Getting kids to compete at a global level
 Dr. Rankin- 3 ages/age of hands- context/age of hands-control/age of data-creation
 learning is like a beehive- where are the flowers, fruit, flowers, and honey?
 libraries are changing- look at popular culture
 80% 0-5 year olds on Internet
 Arranging classes a certain way to encourage learning-a space designed for solve problems that don't have answers.
 we have to have educational diversity- engagement-2way commitment - informational construction- inspire
 Marco Torres- Are kids watching you learn?
 using GarageBand quantization to teach fractions  
 Marco Torres- connect kids to what they love
 Marco Torres- giving kids projects that have meaning- teachings to give back by teaching others
 Helping kids use technology to improve their quality of living - Marco Torres
  Torres, San Fernando HS Teacher is awesome and makes me love learning!
 3 options for learning: quit, complain, or innovate- Marco Torres
 Focus on what kids love, give them the opportunity to create with it.
Create Curate and Collaborate- opportunity for students - NETWORK= CONNECTED  Recipe for success- students love what they are learning + be resourceful + educators love they do  Marco Torres
 John Couch - Teachers need to be learners - challenge students to understand what they love and manifest it.
 Technology is an environment - communities building content...
 3 components- technology, content, pedagogy Apple transformed music, computers, mobile devices
 distribution of knowledge- free agent learning- free to choose how they learn- John Couch
 challenges- accessing creativity and talent
 libraries are changing to librarians who help a student to DISCOVER, CREATE, and COLLABORATE
 digital technology challenges us by giving us more options than an analog world..

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