Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SMORE - Make online flyers for your library for free!

I just discovered SMORE today.  WOW.  You can easily create an online flyer for free.  Of course, like most online services, you can upgrade, but I think my flyer looks great with the free options.   After signing up you are encouraged to try your first flyer- here is what I did, step by step.

I chose the Event flyer.  Then I was prompted to fill in a Title:

 After I filled out the title, subtitle, wrote a short paragraph and added pictures, I deleted the other options and had the option to add the following:

You can see the flexibility of your choices.  I opted to add a video to my online flyer.  When you click on the flyer below - you can scroll through my whole flyer with the scrolling tab on the right side.

Here are some other examples of flyers that I was able to embed from the SMORE website.

I see SMORE as a great way to embed flyers on your blogs and webpages; as well as, mass emailing a flyer to people.  When you finish your flyer, you are given an option to share by emailing, tweeting, posting on Face Book, etc.  What other ways do you see using SMORE?

Please note:  I wish R. J. Palacio was returning to the valley, but I just made up the flyer that she was returning to use pictures and video that I already had access to!

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