Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Haiku Deck - Free iPad App

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a free iPad app that allows  you to create wonderful presentations easily.  Haiku Deck allows you to choose from different styles and themes and then gives you access to free Creative Commons licensed photos.  It is so easy - kids can use it too!  On February 15th, the Haiku Deck blog written by Claire, gave some great ideas on how to use Haiku Deck in the classroom and iTunes gives a list of great ideas too.  Suggestions?  Science lab presentations, homework assignments, summarizing discussions, book talks, sharing books, reports, visual resumes, poems, highlights of lessons and pitching ideas.  Teacher presentations are always the key to how student's are going to listen - this tool can definitely make the difference.  On the Haiku Deck web site - they have a gallery of different presentations that students, teachers and other professionals have produced.  Here are a couple:

Catherine Carr created this presentation on Mobile Learning using Haiku Deck....

Ken Shelton created the presentation below.....

Can you think of great ways to put Haiku Deck to use?

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