Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aurasma in Action!

Sherri Kushner and I trained a group of librarians on the many uses of Aurasma Augmented Reality.  Aurasma allows educators to using image recognition to access videos, pictures, and 3D models.  Follow the instructions that Sherri's students have provided and follow the Chute Middle School Channel, the TCEA2013 Channel, and the IDEA Public Schools Channel and you will see engaging Aurasma Auras are.

I am including some of the target images you will need to see some of the Auras on my TCEA2013 Channel and IDEA Public Schools Channel.

RJ Palacio visited IDEA Public Schools in September.  Her book WONDER is amazing - after following the guide above, aim your device at this image and see what happens.

This is the second book TEACH TWICE has come out with.  Scan this image to see another book trailer.

When you scan my business card, you can see that not only can you have one overlay or option, but several.  You can program your buttons to make calls, go to websites, or view pictures and videos.  

Can you think of all the different ways you might be able to use this APP in your library or classroom?


  1. I LOVE that poster... any way you can send it in an editable way? I would love to keep your names on there... but change your school to my school's name!!!

  2. Unfortunately, no. But you are welcome to adapt and attribute it to our work.