Friday, February 1, 2013

App of the week: Dragon Dictation

What do you do with a room full of little ones and a bunch of iPads?

You could have them play games, take photos, or search for library books....

But what about something more ambitious like write reflections or create stories, tasks that require keyboarding skills? 

Dragon Dictation to the rescue.

Dragon dictation is a voice-recognition app. It allows the speaker to dictate their thoughts and instantly see them in text. It recognizes a variety of languages...40 at the time of this posting.

Tap the screen to start and tap it again when you're done speaking. Dragon dictation shows you where to speak into your iPad or other mobile device.

Once you've completed your message, you can edit, cut, copy, and paste it into other applications, or send it directly to your favorite social-networking site.

Why leave it just for your first-graders to dictate the stories they want to tell? Use it yourself to create a to-do list, send an e-mail, or create your latest blog post.

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