Friday, February 14, 2014

Matt De La Pena at the Region One Spring Librarian's Conference

Matt De La Pena at the Region One Spring Librarian's Conference

Matt De La Pena spoke to about 160+ librarians at Region One on February 14th, an appropriate Valentine's gift for all of us.  Authors are always a joy to listen to, but when you have one that really moves you, then it just makes it that more special.

My biggest take away from his talk was this.  Teachers and librarians can make a difference.  His junior year, Matt had his 11th grade teacher encourage him by telling him that for the exam she had already given him an A, she just wanted him to write for 2 hours about anything he wanted to.  She knew it would be magic, Matt just didn't understand that yet.  Then, while in college, he had a librarian that paired him up with a book.  He had never had anyone do that before.  He wasn't really interested in the book at the beginning, but later found that he needed to finish it.  He couldn't understand why she felt this book would mean something to him.  Then, when he got to the end, he got teary eyed.  He stressed that no tears actually came out, but I have read the book he was talking about and I can't imagine that he didn't.  Ultimately, his message was loud and clear.  Make a difference, not just with kids that are always involved in the lessons, but seek out the kid in the back.  The one who isn't sure what his/her gift is.  Maybe, just maybe, you will see what they can't see just yet.

Loved his talk and can't wait to read his newest book, The Living.  You can learn a little bit about it right here:

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