Sunday, September 8, 2013

Destiny Quest - From a Teacher's Perspective

Two of the teachers I worked with last year, Jeff Hoffart and Tosca Killoran, have written and published a guide to Destiny Quest for teachers, available through Titlewave:

One purchase provides unlimited access to everyone at your school.  What a great way for teachers to learn at their own pace about all the features of DestinyQuest and how to incorporate them into the classroom.

With your purchase, you also receive a code to unlock the additional features of their website, with extension activities, printable worksheets, and how-to videos.

Having teachers familiar with Destiny and using it in the classroom has an AMAZING effect on the library!  Mr. Hoffart would have his students search for books and create a list BEFORE they left the classroom.  They hit the library door knowing EXACTLY what they were there for and would ask clear, coherent questions of library staff.  His students also contributed the highest numbers of online reviews and recommendations to their friends.

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