Friday, March 1, 2013

Wake Up Texas!

Wake Up Texas!

On February 16th, 2013, The Daily Beast wrote about libraries trying to survive during this Era of cutbacks.  They state, " Libraries are on the back burner in numerous states. Last year, Texas issued across-the-board cuts in library funding, reducing the budget by 64 percent. The overall state library budget is expected to shrink from $19.8 million annually to $7.2 million. In Michigan, many libraries folded under budget constraints. The state reported more than 20 closures last year. "  Leaders and educators are trying everything to improve education, but instead of improving libraries and ensuring they have certified librarians, they would rather spend their money elsewhere.  Of course, all this is happening at a time when families and students are reaching out to libraries for information resources and evaluating those resources.  See the infographic below compiled by the 2013 Library Research Service and Colorado State  Library.

What are your thoughts on library budget cuts?


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