Thursday, March 28, 2013

The New Symbaloo

I received an email this morning letting me know that Symbaloo was new and improved. I headed over to Symbaloo to check it out and this is what I found out:

 1. You can add a background to your mixes now (If you were able to do this before, I had no idea!)

  2. You have a menu on the side to edit - I found myself switching back and forth from the old version to the new version because I wasn't really sure how to use the new version. I caught on after a while and will probably stick to the new version the next go around.

 3. Better customization of tiles and a better way to search - this definitely seemed easier in the new version than the old version.

4.  When I embedded this updated version, I noticed the background didn't appear - but embedding is simple so that is okay.  Notice I put some of the social networks I use.  Unfortunately Vine doesn't have a web version available just yet.  I like that I can check my Twitter, Pinterest, and Instragram accounts online, don't you?!!

Overall, I like the new Symbaloo - I suspect you will too!

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