Monday, June 12, 2017

CODECHELLA was a success!

CODECHELLA was a four-day event where young ladies from 2nd grade to 11th grade congregated and learned how to code. Eleven teachers and librarians, along with my staff, prepared three days of activities for the students and then had a challenge on the last day.  We were very pleased with what the girls were able to produce in such a short time.

Elementary girls were excited to use BuzzBott and MuttBott robots to learn block coding.  

The elementary girls also learned to code Dot and Dash robots.

They then had to write a story, then create a 3D story map.  Then they had to code their robot to go through the story map.

It was great to see them understand that their robot was only going to do what they programmed it to do and it took a lot of trial and error. 

Middle School girls built a customized robot before they learned to code it.

Here is a snippet of their coded robot.

The middle school girls learned how to create their own video games using Bloxels and an iPad.

Middle school girls learned how to use scratch to create a story that would later be embedded into their website.

High school girls learned to drop code drones and had to complete different tasks by troubleshooting the code to get everything correct.

After that, the high school girls tlearned to code Arduinos using the Python coding language to program and create wearables.  Below are two examples of wearables they created, then coded.

One participant created and coded the pixels on a headband.

Another participant created and coded the pixels on a scarf.

Overall, the feedback from students and parents was incredible.  Now we are planning CODEZILLA for our boys for next summer, it should be another great learning experience for our students!

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