Saturday, December 1, 2012

Apps of the Season

I have been absent for a while, which shall soon be explained, but I couldn't resist resuming my posts with an App of the Week, or in this case, Apps of the Season.

After having issues with syncing my work calendar and my iPad, I found myself browsing Calendar Apps, only to be amazed at offerings.... 
There are over 1,500 calendar apps to choose from...  
And you can track things I never would have dreamt to search....

You can track the moon, remember to pray, choose your baby's gender, clean your house, view a new photo each day, clean your house....

There are calendar apps for hunting and fishing

For tracking holidays and birthdays

For planting your veggies or counting down to baby

And (I can't believe my timing), 
a great number of Advent Calendars.... for young and old.

The two I selected to share are   
 Advent 2012 (for you)
Advent 2012 is giving away a free app a day for the next 25 days.  
I cannot advise on what you will receive, but I can note that I think it is a fun way to try a few new apps. has done this for few years, and reviews indicate you will find something worthwhile in the countdown.

The Christmas Card Advent Calendar (for children)
Story Mouse allows young learners to make and email cards 
featuring favorite storybook chracters.

Whether you are counting down to Christmas, or simply counting down to the next vacation, 
I wish you a very, Merry December.

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