Sunday, November 4, 2012

Myth #8 - Libraries are Quiet Places

Libraries are activity centers,

collaborative work spaces,

technology centers.

Which is a beautiful thing.  
But teenagers often come with one volume: On

 What about those students who want a QUIET place to read or study, 
away from the collaborators, away from the shushing?  

At my new library we solved the dilemma by creating a silent zone. 
The former locker-room turned yearbook-room turned storage-room turned 
mini-computer-lab has been repurposed again...
The Literature Lounge, named by students through a contest, 
is a cozy place, just off the main library floor, to absorb a good book.  
Teachers have been seen in here, laptops on laps, hard at work.  
We have even had one parent, while waiting for her child, doze off.  

It works like a charm.  No shushing needed.

How do you approach noise in your library?
Have you repurposed a space this year?

Please share your ideas and/or links to photos.

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  1. We repurposed a computer lab as a 'silent study room' in our library. Same concept. Works well