Thursday, June 14, 2012

Apps of the Week - iSwifter & Rover

These two apps have been around a while, but I encountered colleagues
this past week to whom they were unknown, so I thought it best to
share, just in case you, dear reader, are also Flash-impaired.

As you are probably aware, iPads will not run flash. But the iSwifter
app makes it possible to view Flash content on an iPad. They do this
by executing the flash content on their own servers and then magically
forwarding it to the iPad. To the best of my knowledge, iSwifter was
created with gamers in mind, and it does ask if users are over 17. 

But never fear if you have your heart set on using Flash via iPad with
your students. Rover, by iSwifter, is the education app. With
appropriate firewalls in place, the Rover app ensures that downloaded
content is in compliance with CIPA.

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