Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Revisiting VINE

I love twitter and vine.  The fact that you are forced to summarize a thought into 140 characters or 6 seconds of video is the perfect way to get students to get to the point.  I look at creative experts that I follow and see how they really have to find a beginning, middle, and end to their outcome.  I wait patiently for the following #vine posts daily.......

Here are some book trailers I have created and that are only six seconds long.

Here is a six second video of an art exhibit I went to...

Getting students to think about what they put on social networks is a daunting task. Giving them a purpose for their posts, makes them think, plan and organize their thoughts.  Right now educators host educational chats using twitter.  When using vine educators might ask students to summarize a book, create a book trailer, show how their science experiment works, create a historical timeline, or develop a step by step art project video.

 How can you implement this into the curriculum you teach?

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