Monday, March 4, 2013

Google Search: How it works and the Updated Search for IOS

Google Search - How It Works and the new Updated Device Google Search

Have you ever wondered how the Google search process works?  Well if you are like me, the fact that anyone can find out the most important and the most random results is intriguing.  From crawling and indexing, to algorithms and fighting spam - the whole process is quite amazing.  Watch their explanation below......


We all know that part of your success when searching in Google has to do with your search terms. When you are searching, there are some tips and tricks that Google suggests.  Here is a list of their tips:

Google Search Skills:

1.     Start simple – enter a basic name or word
2.     Less is more – one or two word search term
3.     Don’t worry about punctuation
4.     Ignore spelling
5.     Use web friendly words
6.     Search with an exact phrase by putting quotation marks “to be or not to be”
7.     Use descriptive words
8.     Don’t worry about being case sensitive
9.     Include or ignore words in your search (a, the, &)

This infographic has great tips also:

To make things even easier - Google now has updated their app for Android and IOS devices.  You can now speak your questions to Google Search and get your results verbally from your device.  Watch the video below.

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