Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Free Trial Resource: Flocabulary

One of my teachers forwarded this message to me with a plea to sign up.   
I signed us up for the free school-wide trial, and now I don't know who is more excited - the teachers or the students.   
Even the Tech Coordinator is on board, hoping to see some student-produced tracks soon.

Get unlimited schoolwide access—free.

Start Your Schoolwide Trial
Over 15,000 schools use Flocabulary to help students reach their academic potential.
How can Flocabulary empower your students? This spring, take a free test-drive and find out.
Sign up today for a schoolwide trial subscription and get:

  • Hundreds of educational hip-hop videos, songs and lessons 
  • Unlimited usage for all teachers and students
  • 24/7 access on any internet-enabled device
Explore our award-winning library through June 30, 2013 with no obligation to purchase. Sign up at: http://www.flocabulary.com/spring13/

Start Your Schoolwide Trial


1 comment:

  1. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for this! I signed up right away, and I am looking forward to receiving the log-in information in my inbox. The Huck Finn video was great!