Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer learning is right around the corner....

Summer Learning

As most librarians wrap up the year, the prospect of summer relaxation is exciting.  Cindy and I work diligently during the year to keep up with new technology, new books, and inspiring ideas.  Summer is a great time to refresh ourselves and see how we can improve libraries and ourselves for the upcoming year.  Here are things I have on my list of summer learning:

1.  Go through all of the 10 most popular TED Ed lessons.  

This will not only help me, but after seeing what is out there, I can support teachers and possibly share highlights during any trainings that may come up.  I have seen some of the 10, but not all.  See my favorite one below....

Insults by Shakespeare - April Gudenrath

2.  Evaluate all of my social networking. 

According to Mashable, employees who use 5 or more social networks make better employees.  I want to see if that is my case by looking at all of my social networks and possibly downsizing.  I thing Blythe Woolston hit the nail on the head with this tweet:

I don't need any virtual junk drawers - I have enough real life ones.  See the article from Mashable here:

3.  Learn how to make an award winning vine. 

 I have already been experimenting with vine, but I see achievable improvement.  Hopefully this article will help me.

4.  Review this gallery of 10 YouTube channels that will make you and me smarter.

5.  10 Tech Resources for Kids with autism.

Well - this is enough to get me through June - I will let you know what my July list will be next month..  Later this week I will be blogging about all the books I would like to get read this summer.

Do you have any resources you want to try out?  Websites?  Apps? Please share them with us!

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