Wednesday, January 9, 2013

6 Easy Tutorials to Get the Most out of Google

6 Easy Tutorials to Get the most out of GOOGLE!

Use your cursor to scroll over the Google image below to access tutorials on how to use the Google Research tool, Create appointments on Google Calendar, Use Google Script Flubaroo, Email your form results, and access Google's Research Lessons.

Google is one of my favorite tools to use with students and teachers. What other Google tools would you like to know how to use?


  1. HI, it says the google research video is private?

    1. Martine,

      I will take a look at it today to make sure it is public! Thanks!

  2. Great idea! I'ved added it to Interesting Ways to Use ThingLink in the Classroom with a link to this post! THANKS!

  3. I'd be curious to know more about how this interactive image was created - I think my kids would love if I presented their pathfinders this way!

  4. Katie,

    Take a look at our archives, we have a couple of posts about thinglink ( Thinglink is the site where you can make your pictures interactive - and it is free!